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A former NBA basketball player known around league locker rooms as having the largest cock in the league. As a verb "Detlef Schrempfed" or "schrempfed" or "D. Schrempfed" refers to being royally fucked as if by the largest cock imaginable.
I was in a bar and this girl "Detlef Schrempfed" me in front of my crew when she laughed after I asked her for Chili Dog sex.
by Ross June 14, 2006

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An unattractive girl, who through a good dress sense and the proficient application of make up can appear beautifal to a drunken man.
"That girls a stunner"
"My god man, she's a polished turd!"
by Ross October 31, 2004

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when you wake up with a hard on
see also monopoly and stiffy
i rolled off the bed and onto my mornin wood
by ross March 05, 2004

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To behave in a fair, acceptable manner.
"Come on mate, play the white man, you're acting like a fucking Jungle Bunny"
by Ross October 26, 2004

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the extreme ends of any spectrum
Man, its colder than a witches tit out here.
by ross March 05, 2004

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Commonly misinterpreted to describe a homosexual. A 'cockmaster' is actually one who through much training, has mastered the art of seduction. A true 'cockmaster' will be promiscuous and seldom pleasure the same girl twice. Although he may leave broken hearts in his wake, the 'cockmaster' will have no regrets, will never apologise and never look back.
"Mate, did you see that stunner that Duncan shagged last night? He is such a cockmaster"
by Ross October 23, 2004

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A somewhat misogynistic term to describe a woman who is generally dumb, acts immature and is on the whole lacks intelligence.
Don't worry about what she sais, she's just a pidge.
by Ross September 08, 2004

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