When you put two hands in a girl's vagina and rub them together
When we had sex last night and she let me give her the rubber gloves
by Random person16388472737jkl February 23, 2014
When a guy has his penis in a womans vagina, sticks his hand up her ass, and masturbates himself through the membrane between the two cavities.

Opposite to Velvet Glove.
I was fucking her and gave myself the Rubber glove.
by moobags February 5, 2010
The act of having gloved hands shoved violently up ones' anus. Usually forms part of a sexual act, or an airport search.
Jen kept setting the metal detector off at the airport, before she was taken away for a strip search. She vehemently denied ever being rubber gloved.
by Gumba Gumba August 3, 2004
A rubber glove is a plastic, a rubber, a condom that is used to beat up pussy. The phrase comes from a bay area rapper known as Watzreal.
I put my rubber glove on and beat that pussy up.
by Watzreal October 6, 2006
When you bring back a bird to your house only to find that you have run out of c*ndoms and the only thing you can find in the house as an emergency alternative are your mothers rubber washing up kitchen gloves.
My mum felt a strange wet sensation when she tried on her washing up gloves yesterday. I had done a rubber glove love session in them.
by The Smart Ass June 21, 2015
I need to put on some Rubber Gloves so I can do my job dissecting kittens
by W.G. II September 9, 2019