93 definition by ross

the act of doing a girl from behind (doggystyle, when suddenly an erect penis is jammed into the girls tight butthole, and to her dismay, so surprised to feel a hardened penis enter such an orifice so quickly and unexpectedly, she becomes so shocked and frightened, where she then rampently shoots across the room, much like a bottlerocket would do when ignited.
stated quite clearly in the defn
by Ross January 24, 2004

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A sexual act which invovles grabbing a woman by her hair and pulling it under her legs. As the woman is doubled over she can be penetrated from the rear.
"I got goose gripped by a cockmaster last night, i've got such a crick in the neck"
by Ross October 31, 2004

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a turtle with sunglasses.
Let's go to the pet shop and buy a Cort!
by Ross November 03, 2003

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One who inserts his penis into that of another person/animal(s) anus, thus "jamming" their arse. Generally reserved for homsexual reference.
by Ross February 10, 2002

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The coolest stuffed animal in the world. A dinosaur in the form of a Brontosaurus
I still sleep with Lamby every night
by ross April 03, 2005

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1337 player of Counter Strike Source.
"Man, you some kind of Dagley?"
by Ross March 31, 2005

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To slap a person with the penis across the face, see ex.
"Aw man, what should we do to wake him up?
by Ross February 03, 2004

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