A person who plays fair, excepts both victory and defeat, and remains amiable
Come on, be a good sport and give someone else a chance to win.
by Light Joker September 30, 2005
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A very accommodating women. One who might cheerfully give you a pity-fuck or is just generally promiscuous.
Dude 1: "Sharon's had a mile of cock run through her. She used to be... how can I put this politely?"
Dude 2: "A good sport."
by Wigansalad August 23, 2019
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Teen Wolf.
A sports-related movie that makes one feel good after viewing.
Usually features a team, or individual, who must face seemingly insurmountable odds in order to achieve greatness.
The underdog is favored and shown as humble and hard working.
Leaves one feeling inspired, happy, or content.
The movie, "Teen Wolf" is definitely a feel good sports movie.
Others: Remember the Titans. Invincible. We Are Marshall. Coach Carter. Any other Jerry Bruckheimer production dealing with sports.
by ZooZoo Magee October 10, 2007
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A national chain of stores specializing in sports related stuff. Shoes, clothes, and equipment for any major sport or american passtime. With their major sponsors being Nike, Under Armour, and ESPN, if you see some white guy wearing or using something either on ESPN or ESPN2 or even Fox Sports, you can probably find it at Dick's. The main layout of most if not all stores is the same; excluding ofcourse for seasonal set changes and occasional set-up destruction by stupid ass kids who's parents are too busy looking at North Face appareal to watch them. The shopping atmosphere is ideal, as the employees DO NOT work on commision and dont breathe down your neck urging you to make add-on buys or applying for their damn credit programs. Rather, they are always easy to find as they wear those horrible green shirts, and typpicaly have a better-than-average knowledge of their products. That being said, this place isnt cheap. They only sell good shit and they know it. Occasionaly you'll hear some jack-ass redneck trying to barter a price with one of the employees, but they dont give two shits, and next you hear the retard yelling, demanding to see a manager. And if you stick around long enough, you can watch the manager tell the dumb-ass off and send them on thier merry way. So bring money!
Preppy Skank: Hey! I need new shoes for school and me and my hoes are going to dick's sporting goods, do you wanna come?

Jock Douche: Yeah! Then I could pick up a gun, new swim trunks, And some weights all at once!!
by shadowm626 March 01, 2009
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