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A black person, although black on the outside has the personality and appearance of a white person.
by Ryan March 21, 2005
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Any black man that sold their own kind for money, back in Slave-Trading days. Modern use, any black man who back stabs his own kind for profit.

The word Cracker is in reference to the one who cracked the whip. Though the large majority were white slave owners, a few blacks got to use the whip too.

Calling a Black man a Cracker, is way worse than calling them a Nigger. Niggers back each other up, that's respectful, but a Black Cracker will sell them all out.

A Black Snitch.
Yo worse than a nigger, yous a black cracker.

"God-damn Black-Crackers done us all in!"
by Buddhist Prime September 17, 2011
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nickname given to goths by a group of african-american people. the nickname signifies that the group is okay with their style of dress, and that person is regarded as cool enough to have a slang-ish nickname
alice was called black cracker by most of the black people at her school
by pink seatbelts August 26, 2003
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