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something you never do.
You never go ass to mouth
by rockthejordan September 17, 2006

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2nd most badass of greek gods and lord of the sea. Caused Hurricane Katrina.
Bender: Curse you merciful poseidon
by RocktheJordan August 30, 2006

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a large necked animal that lives primarily in africa. It preys on eagles, hawks, parrots, and other birds. A common misconception is that giraffes use their long necks to eat leaves. However they actually use them to scope out birds nests in the tops of trees. Their horns are used for stabbing hawks out of the air (they are often worn down to stumps from killing hundreds of hawks/eagles.) They are responsible for the endangerment of many birds (most notably bald eagles and the california condors).`
Tourist: There are a lot of eagles in this area.
Park Ranger: Yep, the giraffes have migrated for the season.
by RockTheJordan June 21, 2006

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The most bad ass of all gods. Represents all that is powerful, lightning, crushing people, victory, and swag. Zeus is patron god of seniors and almighty protector of Lance Armstrong.
Zeus kills with an all powerful fury.
by RocktheJordan August 30, 2006

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International Baccalaureate. It's created to establish the delicate line between intellectuals and riff raff. It's tough, but gives such high lying, cheating, bull shitting, and speaking abilities that it really doesn't matter what you learned, you can sound like you learned everything. Not all IB students are superior to Non-IB students but the average IB students is a much better student and, indeed, person then the average non IB student. The average IB students is elitist, but will probably be your boss/senator/owner later in life.
Riff Raff: Yo son, you aint such hot shit, i is gunna be a rapper fo realz.
IB: Wow, I can't believe my future tax dollars will pay for your numerous offspring.
by RocktheJordan February 01, 2007

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The place where anyone who is pimp, cool, hardcore, extreme, or sexy hangs out. Lazer quest simulates you killing people with lazers and gives older people a chance to boost their ego by destroying little kids at it.
Andy: yo, my ego is kind of down
Jordan: Let's go destroy some children at lazer quest
by RocktheJordan July 22, 2006

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Fisticuffing is the way real men fight. With arm fully extended and bouncing slightly. Zeus was known to fight in this style as well as wyatt urp.
I was fisticuffing with someone and I beat their ass.
by RockTheJordan June 21, 2006

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