A gay male who only has sexual interactions with other gay male who are husky, large with a lot of body hair (otherwise known as "Bears")
Hank only talks to Bears on Grindr, he's a is a park ranger!
by ebacanni February 23, 2015
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When a male and a femal have consensual sex that includes alternating vaginal and anal insertions. This continues until both parties are satisfied. It is also signified by a hand movement resembling the motion/insertion of the penis.
“He gave me the olllll park ranger last night
by legumemyeggume October 11, 2018
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A term used (most often by raid leaders or elitist douchebags) to describe someone in your raid that often gives their input where it is not appropriate or not necessary. When someone in a non raid-leadership role attempts to lead your raid and temporarily takes over the position of a raid leader by doing something that a raid leader would typically do, and subsequently appears to be an ass or douche because of it, that person has become a "park ranger".
Raid Leader says: Twilight Slic....
Raid Member A interrupts: TWILIGHT SLICER INCOMING!!!!

Elitist Raid Member whispers to Raid Member B: wow, did you see Raid Member A interrupt our raid leader!? What a fucking park ranger!
by Scrowtuss April 15, 2011
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man who runs aorund public parks showing young women certain parts of their anatomy specificly the penis.
charly avenells dad is a dirty park ranger
by oliver byant February 15, 2009
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Park ranger Daniel is a roblox character from the roblox game series “camping”, created by SamsonXVI. At this point Daniel is the mascot for the game since he’s in every game.

Also park ranger Daniel is totally dating the father, Samson told me very real
“Hey, have you seen park ranger Daniel?”

“Omg yes!! He’s so hot!!”
by Hot dilfs in ur area June 5, 2021
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A person who you occasionally hook up with or mess around with when you’re lonely, bored, or horny.
Is he your fwb?
Nah he’s my qpr (queer park ranger)
by Educate.the.masses January 31, 2020
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