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Electronic fanzine; a "publication" whose primary medium is electronic, generally presented over the Internet.
John hopes to publish an ezine soon.
by rich brown August 12, 2004
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Acronym for amateur press association. In sf fandom, it is a bulletin board-like system conducted through snail mail that produces actual artifacts in the form of apazines. For each edition (called a "mailing" or "distribution"), members contribute preprinted personal informal fanzines (apazines), many of which include or consist mostly or entirely of comments on the contributions published in the previous mailing or distribution. The contributions go to an Official Collator (OC) or Official Editor (OE), who makes up mailings/distributions consisting of one copy of each zine and gives or mails them out to each of the members. To remain a member, generally one must meet minimum activity minac requirements, usually defined as a certain number of pages of original material within a given timeframe, plus (in most instances) pay dues to defray the costs of bulk postage for the mailings/distributions that are not handed out and the publication of an Official Organ (OO) which accompanies them.
"He started a new apa to discuss politics."
by rich brown August 12, 2004
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Short for "ego boost," seeing one's name (preferably in print) in a positive context.
You liked my story? Thanks for the egoboo!
by rich brown August 8, 2004
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An sf fan apa term, the letter "M" being underlined, being an acronym for "But You Didn't Comment On My Zine! (so I'm not going to comment on yours)". The parenthetical comment is implied.
"You published some interesting comments -- BYDCOMZ!"
by rich brown August 12, 2004
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Acronym used among sf fans for All Knowledge Is Contained In Fandom. The prase is tongue-in-cheek, of course, and was originally a little less egalitarian in that it was rendered as All Knowledge Is Contained In Fanzines.
So that's where Asimov got his three laws of robotics! AKICIF!
by rich brown August 12, 2004
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Combination of fan and zine. Coined in 1940 by Maryland sf fan L. Russell Chauvenet to apply to the amateur publications put out by sf fans (as opposed to "prozines," the professional magazines). (Previously they had been called "fan magazines" but the new term was promptly adopted since "fan magazines" also meant professional magazines put out at the time about movie stars.) The term has since been coopted by any number of interest areas where amateur publications are involved, including but not limited to rock.
I used a mimeograph to publish my fanzine.
by rich brown August 8, 2004
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"I was croggled when you said you suggested using corn cobs inin lieu of toilet paper."
by rich brown August 11, 2004
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