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the Summer Capital of the Philippines. It is located about 250 kms (155 mi) north of Manila (the Philippine capital) and was founded by Daniel Burnham, the very same architect who re-designed America during the onset of the American regime. It was chartered in 1909.
I'm a frequent visitor of Baguio City because of its cool climate, easy living,. and hospitable people.
by reyrefran October 8, 2005
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To steal, loot, pilfer or take without prior permission from anyone
I just Marcosed my friend's social media post so I can use it on my own wall.
by reyrefran May 31, 2022
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In the Philippines, they are known as supporters of presidential candidate Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro. While they keep on telling the world that they practice positive campaigning and abhor mudslinging Gibo, they are the best definition of oxymoron as they do the exact opposite - they do character assassination in the form of red scare, an archaic practice which the late Joseph McCarthy popularized in the United States in the 1950s. This species was discovered in Facebook a few days before the Philippine national elections.
These McCarthyist Zombies in green are very supportive of eliminating activists in the Philippines based on how they behave on Facebook.
by reyrefran May 4, 2010
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the remaining part of an amputated limb (i.e. arm or leg)
Cherry's stump is so freakin' attractive even if it's just three inches from her hip.
by reyrefran October 10, 2005
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a Filipino slang term for the description of blacks or anyone with black ancestry, specifically African-Americans.
When I was in Compton, I've seen a lot of egoys there.
by reyrefran October 8, 2005
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a Filipino slang term for closet gay, or someone who keeps his being gay a secret to people, even his closest friends. The word "paminta" is the literal translation of "pepper".
I saw him use face powder in the men's washroom, which just proves my suspicion that dude is a paminta.
by reyrefran October 11, 2005
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the super-policeman of the whole world.
George W. Bush is the ultimate global hegemon.
by reyrefran October 11, 2005
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