A collection of people who hate each other, working themselves to death to make someone else rich.
"He's had three heart attacks in the last six months, hasn't seen his kids and a year and will gladly tell you the sky is beet red if his boss says so. He's a real asset to the corporation."
by Salieri82 July 22, 2009
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Usually begin as small successful sole proprietary, or partnership businesses that grow and because they're successful and make money whiney liberals bitch that they aren't doing enough to help the poor who for the most part won't help themselves. WAH THE CORPORATION IS MAKING MONEY THAT MEANS WE SHOULD TAKE IT ALL AWAY AND COMPLETELY DESTROY PRODUCTIVITY IN THE US.
IDIOT LIBERAL #1: "Let's make America more like the "Utopia" that Europe is"
IDIOT LIBERAL #2: "Fuck businesses over with high taxes that force them to relocate to other countries and destroy job growth and the economy here!"
by Japanadan October 11, 2004
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During the late 1970's, a duo or trio of Central New Jersey teenaged males would break off from the larger peer group to maximize personal gain and form what was called a "corporation". Usually the hastily formed corporations mission statement included the pursuit of hot chicks, smoking a limited supply of excellent weed, or attending a keg party without the rest of the peer group attending. These loose-knit organizations could last anywhere from one day to several weeks. Often after the corporation dissolved, the former members would be absorbed back into the peer group after some interrogative statements about where the party was or how ugly that chick was who you were sucking face with last night.
Hey, is that Joey in the passengers seat of Bob's Monte? Joey only has a little of that killer weed left. He must have formed a corporation with Bob so they can smoke whats left between themselves and leave us out here freezing on the street corner.
by Mr. Southwood February 25, 2009
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1. Your business becomes successful to the point where you decide that you no longer want to take responsibility of it, however you decide to keep your status by renaming your position as CEO, CFO, etc. so that you can determine your own ridiculous salary and sell your stocks to "shareholders" who then take responsibility of your business. Furthermore, if your company is a bank you can then purposely go bankrupt so that the government can bail you out to give yourself a bonus in addition to your ridiculous salary because the taxpayers will pay it and they don't have any say-so in the government. You can also donate money without paying taxes to a politician's shell corporation so that nobody will ever know it was you "on record." You also (wrongly) assume that the average taxpayer is too stupid to know what's going on here.

2. An expletive used to describe anything that amounts to investment without return.
I should incorporate my business so that I can sell stock to people and then purposely go bankrupt, get bailed out, and give myself a bonus on top of the ridiculous salary I already make!


Hey, did you see that new car that Tom bought for $50,000? It's made out of plastic and duct tape. It's a real piece of corporation!!!
by Trismegistus97 February 9, 2013
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Corporication, a combination of corporation and fornication, embodies the principle of being screwed by the corporations. Formed after the rise and fall of the Roman empire true..see history of corporations the concept of a corporation was that the incorporated company had all the rights of an individual, yet (surprisingly) none of the ACCOUNTABILITY! This is how the corporations can ruin the ground water, dam up all the rivers,destroy the climate, poison our food with chemicals, and wreck the forests of the world. Corporification has resulted in the human species being at serious risk for extinction. The founding principle of the ability of corporations to do this, is the belief that people (you) are sheepified and will not respond, like a frog in a beaker of water being slowly heated over a stove, you will sit, happy as long as you have your beer and pizza, and not bother worrying about the destruction of the world about you. Welcome to coporification!
Corporication. Long after the Alberta tar sands had been mined of their oil, long after the forests had been denuded and clearcut, the starving nation of Canada still did not understand the horrific corporication their country had received. far away, in warmer climes, the very rich sipped their fancy drinks in their villas on the beach and congratulated themselves on a job well done.
Meanwhile, forever altered, Canadians succumbed to the erratic climate, droughts and fierce winters. Starvation and disease from polluted water ran amok, Canada was declared unfit for human habitation in the year 2045
by Vinter April 28, 2008
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When a guy blows his load in his hand, and slaps the girl in the face with his wad of cum, and says, "You're Fired!".
She was a slampig anyways, so I jerked off in my hand, and gave her The Corporate.
by JMoney33 July 18, 2009
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An up and coming superstar at a company that takes part in all company events and buys into corporate propaganda no matter how ridiculous. Often wears a tie to work even though it's business casual. Corporate often becomes their first name. A.K.A -- Golden Boy
Where is your team lead at?

Corporate went to Alabama to run with the big wigs.

Really? Why?

Who knows, that son of a bitch always has his lips locked on someone at the top's ass.
by UsualSuspects June 22, 2011
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