the Summer Capital of the Philippines. It is located about 250 kms (155 mi) north of Manila (the Philippine capital) and was founded by Daniel Burnham, the very same architect who re-designed America during the onset of the American regime. It was chartered in 1909.
I'm a frequent visitor of Baguio City because of its cool climate, easy living,. and hospitable people.
by reyrefran October 8, 2005
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The act of rubbing your balls (baggy) and ass hole (o) on the face of another person. It's name originates from the small town in the Phillipines due to it's fitting name. It can be done sexually or to humiliate another person.
Guy: Its my bday. You know what that means
Girl: Ok, you can baguio me but don't do it too long!

Guy 1: Dude do you smell something? I woke up with a bad taste in my mouth
Guy 2: Yea I baguioed you for snoring so loud next time keep it down
by Walk Alon August 24, 2019
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