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A revealing attempt to make oneself look better to others by embellishing their accomplishments or exaggerating the truth.
"He sounds totally legit, he's submitting his film to Cannes."

"Dude, every hollywood poser says they're 'submitting to Cannes'. He's got nothing, it's such the douche tell."
by relaxfrancis October 12, 2009
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the inability to remember within the first 10 minutes of a movie whether or not you have seen it before.
"Wait a minute, I think i've already seen this movie before."

"Are you stupid or do you've just have a case of filmnesia?"
by relaxfrancis October 13, 2009
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bad hair day. (pronounced: froʊˈpɑ)
"Did you see Kanye on Leno last night?"

"Yeah, that was a major fro pas."
by relaxfrancis October 13, 2009
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uttered after second sneeze as a play on the German expression "Gesundheit", suggests said sneeze would cause heightened sexual satisfaction through increased vaginal contraction.



by relaxfrancis October 14, 2009
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refers to the manner in which someone utters a particular word or phrase in an accent consistent with his/her native dialect, but inconsistent with the spoken language of the sentence.
"At 6:30 we will be covering an incredible story about a 39 year old woman from los-AN-jə-ləs, California who claims she can cure cancer with just a dash of peek-o-day-GY-o, shake of green SALL-sah, and generous amounts of drunken kah-ɽah-ke."

Back to you Leen-DAH."

"Holy sh*t, that's was the most f*cked up up hyperethno-pronunciation I ever heard!"
by relaxfrancis October 13, 2009
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<Hybrid of SarahPalin and ArnoldSchwarzenegger.>
45th President & Vice President of the United States 2012.
"Vote For Sarah Palin and Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2012!!!"

"Why Fight It?... THE PALINEGGER is going to eat Obama

by relaxfrancis December 10, 2009
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that slow mofo who takes his sweet time to walk through a crosswalk.
"Look at this prick, he's just daring us to run his leisurely ass over"

"Yep, just another damn pedasstrian in the middle of the f*uckin' intersection.
by relaxfrancis October 13, 2009
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