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A nasal spray invovles male ejaculate (sperm) being force fed into another humans nasal cavity.

Often following oral stimulation of the erect male form, the nasal spray is easily disguised as a cum facial. The move is difficult to pull off with an unsuspecting partner, as the nose is quite a small target area.

Once enough stimulation has been provided and the sperm is ready for takeoff, it is advisable to take a firm grasp of the other persons hair and tilt the head backwards. This provides a stable base for insertion and props up the passageway for an easier entry.

A properly executed nasal spray will probably end up with a kick to the groin and or a very pissed off person. But is well worth it since whenever they suck through the nose, they will taste the man-juice at the back of there throat.
>>> Sean: "Oh yeah Trenty, suck my fucken cock. Oh yeah thats the way... mmmm yeah give it a little tongue. get it down that throat nice n deep like"

>>> Trent: "mmmmm, you like that baby. yeah!"

>>> Sean: "I'm about to cum"

>>> Trent: "come all over my face, I dont care who knows it!"

>>> Sean: "yeah, lemme grab ur head and tilt it back... Ohhhhhhh!!! yeah take that fucken nasal spray cunt"

>>> Trent: "what the fuck baby? arrgghhh theres cum all up my nose u fuck"
by omg i am wtf uber October 12, 2007
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after the girl gives him head he jerks it right in her face and right before he cums he blows a huge load in her left nostril forcing it to spray out the right.
My bed is mad dirts because my girlfriend nasal sprayed all over the sheets, and my mom had to clean them.
by cit October 28, 2006
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When having oral sex with a girl and you cum up each of her nostrils thus giving the effect of nasal spray. Usually enraging the girl and making her snort it straight back out.
Bryce:Yeah i so gave Brittnee a nasal spray last night, she was so pissed.
Josh:Sick, you should seek help man.
by jay-jay johnson March 26, 2008
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When a girl is jerkin a guy off, right as he is about to cum, he shoves his dick up her nostril and cums in it
She stopped jerkin me off, so i gave her the Nasal Spray
by The_One June 02, 2006
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nasal spray is a sexual act in which a girl holds your dick up to her nose and snorts the cum like cocaine and high fives you after
ahh well nasal spray time she didn't complain
via giphy
by sanxity July 02, 2019
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