116 definitions by ray

it is the sound you get porking a fat woman (backround listen just once)
did you hear that fuafuawafuwawawa coming from the back seat?
by Ray March 13, 2005
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A DJ company from Japan that makes top of the line mixers, and turntables for DJ use. They are famous for their high end battle mixers used widely by scratch DJs.
The DJ down the street has a Vestax mixer.
by Ray October 29, 2004
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Used as an alternative to fuck.
What the phack!

Shut the phack up.

Phackin bitch!
by Ray November 22, 2003
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Westlife used to be a five member band, but now only four remain because Bryan McFadden left the group in March last year to spend more time with his family. The departure has not affected the popularity of the group, not even with the infamous Simon Cowell - the feared Pop Idols judge - who remains one of their driving forces.
Westlife truly is the best boy band in the world
by Ray March 01, 2005
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To Come; Ejaculate
Down Skete Skete mutha fucka
by ray April 04, 2004
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The master of all, The great Peach of the fruits, The Mopperizer
I am the great moppie
by ray March 26, 2005
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While a man is giving a woman oral sex, he sticks his index finger down his throat and barfs all over her gash. After rubbing it in, he will start to bang her and use his chunky vomit as lubercation.
"Hey Honey, tonite is perfect for a Chunky Chuck because I had beef stew for lunch!"
by Ray October 21, 2004
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