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Hala means hi in Arabic
Hala whoever is reading this.How are you?
by Ray February 19, 2005
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This happens during rough sex when the female gets extremely wet and the man is thrusting the entire lenghth of his fuck stick in and out of her gushing gash. He then gives her a good jam and unknowingly enters her backdoor and slides all the way up her turd tunnel. Generally, this will force the session to come to an abrupt stop as the woman struggles to catch her breath, while the man rinses the kidney bean off the end of his purple headed yogurt slinger.
G, Did you hear that bloody scream last night in the hotel? I think Mike gave Crystal an "Oopsie Poopsie"
by Ray March 08, 2005
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Exactly as the guy below me said
Ne1 who thinks its an insult is an ignorrant racist bastard
Salam ailakeoum
Wa alikeom al salam
by ray April 04, 2004
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someone who would never be famous in real life but, due to the magic of the internet, has become a recognizable name in chat rooms and forums.
tom from myspace, drew curtis(fark), star wars kid, icy hot stuntaz, pixieland guy, etc.
by ray March 25, 2005
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when you take a shit, and when you wipe your ass, there isnt any shit on the toilet paper
i saved three minutes by taking a phantom shit, way to be
by ray June 17, 2004
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someone who has an ass that sticks out so far that it has a a point
man, look at the prongass on that one
by Ray July 10, 2003
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fucking on a girls period
1.martell be bangin kami on the juices
by ray April 22, 2004
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