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also known as steph she is very strong, funny and independent.
she dont need no help with anything even if she does she will refuse
she only helps others and puts others before her
stephanie only reflects her manner to others if others are rude shes a cold bitch
if others are kind and funny shes hilarious and caring
dont piss her off or get on the wrong side of her because no matter what she is out to get your ass
stephanie is perfectly split in half
nice and funny, spiteful and cold
no matter what, stephanie will always be the craziest, funniest, bestest bomb ass bitch and of you ever come across her,consider urself lucky and dont fool around
stephanie is the funniest person i've ever met

why is stephanie such a bitch?
because your such a bitch to her

stephanie, ily xoxo
by bombassbitch3 January 07, 2017
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Meaning the crowned one. A woman charmed with a beautiful smile and charismatic personality. Her intense drive and gorgeous exterior attracts and entices the opposite sex. Her character and abilities often challenge people with the intent to empower themselves and rise up to a higher level of existence.This Goddess shows love in her words and actions to all creatures yet her heart belongs to one man.This superman has earned her respect and loyalty. She requires the same mutual respect and admiration that she so devotedly has shown to him. Those who misunderstand this phenomenonal creature usually retaliate out of jealousy instead of cherishing her talents and unique gifts. If betrayed or threatened she will withdraw her presence from your life.
Too bad more people aren't like Stephanie.
by Cnfsd November 27, 2010
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Stephanie I love you more the you could possibly imagine, you’re my shoulder to lean on when I’m not feeling great you’re my best friend and favourite person in the entire world you’re the reason I wake up every morning and fall asleep at night with a giant smile on my face you’re the reason I walk down the hallways singing a song or snapping my fingers. My life began the day I met you. I don’t know what the world has in store for us but the one thing I am sure of is that ill be with you forever and ill love you forever. People say finding your true love other half or soul mate is something that will just never happen but I found mine I found you and Stephanie from now until the day that I die you’re the only thing that I will ever need I love you so much sweetheart you’re my one and only now and forever. I love you more then you will ever see more then my heart could ever show I love you more then you will ever know.
Stephanie you are my everything ya tebe kochau
by kaius October 16, 2011
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A loving girl who loves to laugh and have fun, she's also very caring towards her friends and family. She's gorgeous, even though she won't admit it. Everyone loves her. She has a soft spot for animals, too.
She can be the most loyal girlfriend you've ever had, and wouldn't cheat with you for anyone else. She is also the bestest friend that can help you with any problem you have. She's a great listener, and won't be afraid to defend a friend when the time is needed. She's smart when she wants to be, and retarded other times.

She is very innocent, and it would be hard to ruin it for her.

A Stephanie is a very unique and artistic type of girl. She loves reading and writing and music. Her happiness can be so genuine, you can't help but laugh along and be happy with her.
If you have a Stephanie as a friend or girlfriend, you're very lucky, and you shouldn't let her go.

I love you Stephanie forever. I would never leave you. You're the only one I need in this world to live ;
Damn! That girl over there must be a Stephanie!

Stop being such a b***h and act more like a Stephanie!
by JamesLovesStephanie [; January 17, 2011
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A diamond in the rough, really does not know what she's worth or someone just has not really shown her yet. Her beauty lies not only in her looks but most importantly in her heart.
by Felixtrom June 10, 2013
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The most amazing girl in the world. Her soft brown eyes, infectious smile and curvaceous body make every guy go crazy and every girl jealous. She laughs at almost anything, but especially dirty or cheezy jokes. In addition to the sexy body and warm personality, she's also very intelligent. Some would say she's a genius. She may experience some family disputes, but don't let that worry you...she will always rise above the pettiness. When she snuggles into your arms, you'll know what true love is. She is very feminine, but not a girly-girl. She gets dressed up and shakes her booty on the dance floor, but she'll also hike and climb and maybe even try snorkeling . If she trusts you, she will open up completely and let you into her life. If this happens to you, you are the luckiest man alive. And although she may live far away, the day when she returns will make it all worth while.
I'm so happy that Stephanie is mine. I never want to be without Stephanie.
by babynumzitgel February 04, 2010
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