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Harvard is perhaps the most prestigious University in the USA. The University was founded in 1636 in Cambridge Massachusetts, way before the USA became independent from Britain. The name came after John Harvard, a young minister, a graduate of Cambridge, England, who upon his death left library and estate to support the early time of University.

Before 20th century, European countries dominated the world. The finest Universities such as Cambridge and Oxford were found in Europe.
However, because of World War I and II, European countries lost the world dominated power. The world leading power in politics and economy shifted to the USA. The shifts gave opportunity for American Universities to set the highest standards.

Harvard is like a huge cooperation or enterprise that invests in stocks, lands, not only in educations. Harvard's strong power is based on its prestigious name and enormous financial power that make it possible to recruit the established best star scholars in the world to be Harvard professors. The presence of several, but not all, star professors at Harvard is making Harvard almost incomparable unique University.
In addition, Harvard-MIT, both located in Boston, perhaps two top Universities, have exchange programs that add more opportunities.
Learning from top professors naturally gives opportunities to students to be able to stand in the front positions in their fields.
You know, most of the star professors at Harvard University are not necessarily graduates of these major Universities. Real good ones can grow from anywhere.
by ramunenakayama May 22, 2008

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Kyoto is the former capital of Japan since 794 till 1869 for more than 1000 years.
The long history enriched the most sophisticated Japanese traditional culture in most of the fields. Tea ceremony, Zen, kabuki, dance, traditional music, crafts, pottery, gilt, lacquer, etc.etc.

There are so many beautiful temples, shrine, gardens, rivers, ponds, including needless to say Kiyomizu-temple and Kinkakuji (Golden pagoda), rock gardens. It is believed that there are more than 10000 temples in Kyoto.

Japan has two big distinctive cultural centers. Tokyo, current capital since 19th century, is the contemporary cultural center, such as broadcasting, media, in addition to political, business, merchandize, commercial, industrial capital. To experience modern Japan, visitors should experience life in Tokyo.
However, because of the rich historical background, Kyoto may provide extra ordinal depth of spiritual culture, the heart of Japanese culture.

Kyoto is a traditional city, however, it is known that Kyoto is also a very liberal city. They keep tradition at one hand but also they accept new ideas. As an example, visitors to Kyoto may be overwhelmed to see massive construction of Kyoto railway station building in such a traditional ancient city… The spirit is reflecting in Science in Japan as seen the most of the Japanese Nobel laureates in scientific fields came from people related to Kyoto.

Kyoto is the center of Japanese spiritual culture.

I love Kyoto, she is beautiful and liberal.
by ramunenakayama November 30, 2007

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Osaka is a Japanese big city, the third biggest after Tokyo and Yokohama. (For a long time Osaka used to be the second biggest.) Osaka locates mouth of the rivers that go through Kyoto, the old capital of Japan locating inland, thus Osaka became important trade, merchant, industrial city.
Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe are close each other and they consist hubs in Kansai region. They have distinctive dialect slightly differ from standard Japanese but that is cherished in Japan.
Osaka is also famous with various inexpensive foods and comedies.
I go to Osaka today and watch a comedy show and afterward eat there.
by ramunenakayama November 30, 2007

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Japanese word meaning Good morning.
Derivatives, Ohayou, ohayo, ohayou gozaimasu (polite).
Ohayou, it's a wonderful morning.
Ohayou sounds like OH.
by Ramunenakayama November 29, 2007

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Japanese word meaning, "I am sorry".
Sometimes used together with doumo. "Doumo sumimasen" also means I'm sorry.

Often in conversation "doumo sumimasen" or "sumimasen" are used in place of "Thank you". Perhaps Japanese feeling is, I'm sorry bothering you, but thank you very much to be so considerate.
1. Sumimasen I broke your dish.
2. When a gentle person gives away a seat on a crowded train to an aged person, the person who received the favor may say, "sumimasen" or "doumo sumimasen".
by Ramunenakayama November 27, 2007

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A Japanese word meaning Congratulations.
Omedetou for your success.
Just married? Omedetou!
by ramunenakayama January 06, 2008

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A japanese word meaning idiot, fool, stupid and (Japanese word) "baka". "Ahou" somewhat stronger in sense.
This is a kansai (Kyoto, Osaka region) dialect.
Aho, don't say such a stupid thing.
Our current president is an Ahou or Baka, damaging everything.
by ramunenakayama December 02, 2007

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