The act in which you completely tear apart a team and keep driving and scoring on them.
Let's eat up this defense.
by Let's eat>:) December 8, 2018
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An instance where the lack of a comma completely changes the meaning of a sentence.
Oh man, I forgot to write a comma, and now the meaning of the sentence has completely changed. This is a let's eat grandma moment.
by ...EyeSock... September 10, 2020
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An expression usually said with great enthusiasm to proclaim the start of an activity, or encourage an activity that has begun. This expression is commonly used in conjunction with off road motor sports, referring to the tires of a vehicle "eating" up the terrain, however, it can be used for nearly everything, from weightlifting to volunteer work. For example, there is a web site similar to this term that exemplifies it pretty well, I bet you can guess it!
Dale: "Well shoot, Zephyr, how you think we's gonna get that overgrown juniper out of the yard?"

Zephyr: "Not a problem Dale, we'll just get that chain over there, hook it to my awesome lifted truck, and let her eat!"
by Scottopolis2 April 14, 2011
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A phrase used in Celebration of a feat accomplished through unmatched awkward hustle. Should be said as the second half of a complete sentence including what feat is being celebrated. Coined by the greatest right fielder in the history of the Philadelphia phillies, hunter pence. While it is not necessary to have monster lats to use this phrase, it is hilly recommended.
Sarge - "what was going through your head as you rounded third scoring the wining run?"
Hunter Pence - "good game, let's go eat"

Rachel - "what'd you think of that."
Bob - "good Dutch rudder, let's go eat"
by Hunter pence's lats August 3, 2011
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the act of feeding her d*ck. Either by anal, oral, or straight up the vag.
Jeremy: Did you see that chick?

Steve: Yea, I'm gonna let er eat
by Jeremy aka BK July 14, 2008
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It's to show either that you don't care if people are in the shit, or how they get out of it.

It can also be used to show that you don’t understand much about people’s shitty situation.

Both meanings can be used together, to mean that you don’t understand much about their shitty situation, you don’t care to understand it, and you don’t care how they get out of it either.

Where this came from:

A French writer called Rousseau wrote that a great princess once said, more or less, that if you have no bread, there's always cake instead.

When she says "cake", don't think birthday cake. Think pastries and cakes that come in squares that you can slice, which a basically just sweet bread.

Think of a posh French princess in a carriage that's going through peasant land in order to get to the castle. They have to stop for a minute, so the peasants start to approach, carrying bread baskets. The princess asks what they want. She's told they need bread, because they don't have any. And this is where she says the line. But you can interpret it in several ways:

1. She's never seen poor people before, and she's ditzy:

"Well, what I would do is just have cake instead, so why don't they just do that?"

2. She's never seen poor people before, and she doesn't care (whilst applying makeup):

"Oh well. Can't they just have cake instead?"

3. She knows they are poor, and she's being a complete bitch, almost making a joke (staring out the window):

"Oh well, there's always cake."
The insurance companies will suffer? Good. Let them eat cake.

Profits are down? Well, err... Let them eat cake?
by ExpertContributor February 6, 2018
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Saying after prayer in floribama shore, used to thank the lord for the meal they are about to receive
Thank you lord for blessing us with this food, good food good meat good god let’s eat
by stephani_pie_ July 24, 2020
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