Hari is a really sensible and practical person who always sees the bright side of things unlike other people. He's anyone who's not a jerk.
I wanna be a Hari.....
by Youknowwhomenotyou November 30, 2018
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A Sanskrit word which acts as an umbrella term for the sun, lions, monkeys and horses.

The word is also a name for the Hindu god Vishnu.
by EccentriK106 February 23, 2016
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A nickname usually given to Black people who follow the stereotypes too much, i.e. they love to eat fried chicken and watermelon all the time. Haris aren’t usually the brightest, but are very loyal and hardworking, ironically like slaves.
That nigga really picking cotton? Yup, he a Hari!”
by GIRAHBOTTLE October 20, 2022
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