Japanese word meaning, "I am sorry".
Sometimes used together with doumo. "Doumo sumimasen" also means I'm sorry.

Often in conversation "doumo sumimasen" or "sumimasen" are used in place of "Thank you". Perhaps Japanese feeling is, I'm sorry bothering you, but thank you very much to be so considerate.
1. Sumimasen I broke your dish.
2. When a gentle person gives away a seat on a crowded train to an aged person, the person who received the favor may say, "sumimasen" or "doumo sumimasen".
by Ramunenakayama November 28, 2007
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Sumimasen means excuse me or it can be a polite way to say i'm sorry in Japanese.
"Sumimasen." (excuse me)
"oh, gomenasai." (oh, i'm sorry.)
nda yo." (It's okay)
by KittyLove8000 November 25, 2015
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