Nihon and Nippon both means Japan.
Nihon and Nippon are both Japanese ways of pronunciations to read Chinese letters indicate Japan.

I consider that the sound of "Japan" for Nihon derived from Chinese way of reading of Nihon. In Chinese they pronounce Zuban. In ancient world, Nihon changed to Japan on the long way to English speaking world.
Nihon and Nippon are both meaning JAPAN.
by ramunenakayama December 20, 2007
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(adj) - Getting own3d in Japan. When you go to Japan and spend all your money on crazy expensive stuff such that you can barely afford the cost to get back home and certainly can't afford to buy gifts for friends and family or meet other subsequent life obligations.
I was planning on going back to college for another semester but got Nihoned over summer break.
by Overdrivegear December 7, 2016
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nihon-jin is the name used when adressing to a japanese person
Anta wa nihon-jin desu ne?(You are japanese is that right?)
by Rukia September 9, 2006
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The best place to get fansubbed Tokusatsu and anime.
You can get kick ass Toku at Tv-nihon
by KamenRiderChalice August 16, 2004
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Number ONE tokusatsu subber in the world. With best and most acurate translation.
"maagi magi magiroo" - magiranger
by n-ma sama April 20, 2005
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