40 definitions by rachael

Unbleivably annoying creature that isn't much good for anything but to annoy people. They are also there for us to catch them early so they don't grow up to be preps.
I was about ready to slap the shit out of that toddler sitting in front of me.
by rachael September 27, 2004
A good response when you're fully engrossed in other things or cant be bothered to reply. I use it all the time!!!
Person 1:Are you listening to me????
Person 2:(pause)...yahaha.....
by rachael February 27, 2005
a man/woman you fancy walks past, you fall over, you say: "lux"
by rachael May 15, 2003
A divine feeling or transcendence gained by flying kites. A palindrome. Known popularly as the title of a Grateful Dead album.
You might find aoxomaxoa in the peaceful experience of flying a kite.
by rachael March 11, 2005