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Almost the same as the word nippin. Basically, a more extreme form of nippin.
"Man, it's freezing out. I'm frippin real bad right now"
by Rachael March 1, 2005
A word specified in the lyrics of Tenacious D. It was a decision factor that was acted upon during the rescue of "JB". Apparantly "KG" took a bullet for "JB", and it became known as Poops McGee.
JB:"Your decision to rescue me," KG:"Was definately Poops Mcgee."
by Rachael May 13, 2004
Shortened version of myself, used as a name or less conformative and egotistical self reference. Can also be used as simplified statement of fantastical racial origin; i.e. Me conjoined with Elf.
"Melf is back."
by Rachael January 8, 2004