A natural pill that not only helps you sleep but also gives you more intense vivid dreams. It also increases the chance of having a lucid dream.
That 6 mg of melatonin I took before I went to bed gave me a great nights sleep.
by TM January 8, 2005
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its a pill that helps you sleep
i cant sleep, i better get some melatonin
by silly goose November 9, 2004
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a pill used as a sleep agent. when taken, the person becomes extremely fatigued - to the point of being slap happy.
Rich: after I take this melatonin how long will it take to work?
John: you'll be slap happy before you know it.
by porpoise October 3, 2005
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A natural medicine that helps your sleep... but when it kicks in and you try to fight it, it’s the closest you'll ever feel to high without drugs!
Melatonin got me gone!
by Bubbly berry tissue April 1, 2021
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where you become so tired you become a little bit crazy
well goodnight, melatonin drunkness again.
^^ after the user said some offtopic stuff.
by 56independent May 13, 2021
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Dude I ate 4 of my Dad’s melatonin gummy's last night and got so fucked up.
by Ben_420 April 23, 2021
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When you give your partner melatonin because they are talking too much. Then, you fuck them into a coma.
My girlfriend was so hyper last night that I used the Melatonin fix on her.
by thecockyhen August 16, 2018
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