A traffic light that has been on yellow for so long it's about to turn red.

While you SHOULD stop, most people just gun it.
I wasn't about to stop for that orange light! I got places to be!
by Peter W.N. January 3, 2010
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The exact moment at which a vehicle enters the intersection while the light turned from yellow to red. Technically it's almost running a red light but it's up to the discretion of the observing traffic cop.
Damn fool! What are you doing running orange lights when I got Panama Red with us! That black and white nearly tripped when he saw us, idiot.
by BlackSunshine September 16, 2012
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A tri-racial person of Caucasian, Native American and Asian ethnicity, more common than may be believed in our cosmopolitan world.
My dad was French and English, my mom Native American and Mongolian, so that makes me a Light Orange!
by Wabbit9 June 17, 2009
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