term used to describe one's mood when sleep deprived or tired. Signs of being 'slap happy' include inane rambling, strange remarks, odd random behavior (such as giving oneself a wedgie), uncontrollable laughter at one's own jokes.
Bob is slap happy today because he was out late last night.
by ladeefalcn March 31, 2005
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The state of being one may experience after abstaining from sleep for a long period of time. Could be described as being so sleepy that you feel hyper and alert.
It's 3 PM, I didn't go to bed last night, but I don't feel sleepy! I must be slap happy.
by put it on December 24, 2009
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When a girl is deepthroating you, you slap her after she spits out a lot of flem. This comes in handy when the girl bites your dick so you just slap them to make them not to it as often. Slapping them gently makes them laugh and also builds up more spit.
I was deepthroating but my cock on her face then I slapped her gently. This gathered more spit from her mouth which made deepthroating more interesting. This is called a slap happy deepthroat!
by Sagam May 14, 2006
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laughing in such an uncontrollable way that if your friend was to slap you in the face it wouldnt phase you. also, if one becomes "slap happy" it is extremely difficult for those surrounding him to control their laughter.
1. when john wasnt looking, i took a drink of his cup and when he finally noticed 10 minutes later, i became slap happy.

2. hey rich, i'm fucking slap happy. (rich in turn becomes slap happy)
by porpoise September 16, 2005
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The act of a man ejaculating into his hand and striking the face of his sexual partner with said hand
She didn't want me to ruin her new sheets, so I gave her a slap happy.
by Brutal Iris February 27, 2011
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when you spend the night with your member
my girlfriend wouldn't give me any sex last night so i went home & got slap happy instead
by don't even think about it September 13, 2006
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when you are extremely tired (like if you stay up 'till 1 or 2 in the morning) and everything makes you laugh
molly says "OMG!!! THERES A ZIT ON MY NOSE!!! AHH IM GUNA DIE!!!" David starts laughing histerically at that statement. David is "Slap Happy"
by CraZy aZN dUDe July 15, 2005
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