95 definitions by poop

The brown long stuff that comes out of your ass
poop is digested food that exits the anus
by poop July 31, 2003
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man, manicx is a real queer, just like all those other computer nerds
by poop June 07, 2003
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to address someone who is skilled in the area of cooking breakfast
me: what up home skillet?
my mom: take out the trash
by poop April 09, 2005
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Also called Arnie, Arludia, or Aaron. A very odd creature who pulls off a great retard impression but is also dead sexy in his own queer way.
Daaaaayyyyyyuuuummmmm.... Arnelda, you be one sexy motha fugga! (HOLLA)!
by poop December 22, 2004
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adj. without a doubt the best ever; unmistakenably the greatest of all time
v.to entirely be owned in the most embarresing way
adj. that cheese cake was the shiznizzle at christmas
v. jan got shiznizzled when bob pants her in front of shery
by poop April 08, 2005
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Late; Lated; The act of Lating.

Utterly dominated, destroyed, owned, raped, superior.
Killed by one shot to the head from a .50 cal Desert Eagle.

by poop March 20, 2005
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-something that is cool/attractive
-for singular people
- we are talking about one person here.
-kthnxbye's sister in law and kewliez's brother.
" justin is a total hottiez!"
" that bag is hottiez like whoa"
by poop June 25, 2003
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