Shery is an amazing woman. She can be kind and funny. But once you get on her bad side... watch out. She has one of the prettiest smiles. She's not afraid to talk to people. She is very outgoing. If you have a Shery in your life be grateful it can be the most good darn thing in your life.
"Shery is an amazing woman. I'm glad I met her"
by kathryn.chandler14 May 17, 2019
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A person that is pleasing to the eyes and is appealing - beautiful and attractive. It's not just a word but an attitude.
My girlfriend is wicked damn sherie, and hott!
by sexyandhot February 2, 2010
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(sh-air-ee) a human female posessing the following qualities: humor, intelligence, charity, wit, sense of responsiblity, high moral values, love of family and God; often interested in creative and musical outlets; also known to laugh at herself and not take life too seriously. Pet peeves - hypocrites and clutter. Other spellings: Sheri, Sherry, Sherri, Sheree, Cherie
My neighbor Sherie hates when my cat poops on her lawn.
by rocketdog23 February 3, 2010
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If you know a Sheri, watch out! Sheri's have a scary fast temper which escalades quickly. Normally tall and skinny, all the guys want to be with Sheri. It's hard for a Sheri to show signs of affection as she thinks this is a sign of weakness. Very independent and hardworking, a Sheri is someone you want to work with. Sheri's often procrastinate and leave things till the last minute though. Sheri's can be loving and kind to family and friends, but if you got on her bad side, I suggest you stay away!
You see that tall and skinny chick, she's hot!
That's because she is a Sheri!
by Terracotta45 February 14, 2013
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a- A girl with extreme flair and style.
b- A girl who is always smiling and loved by everyone.
a- I didn't know what to wear tonight so I tried to copy Sheri.

b- Girls can be such bitches sometimes! Good thing we have Sheri's.
by RipCurl January 16, 2008
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of Hebrew descent. likes to be firm but kind and often too quiet and reserved. Beautiful eyes with a heart full of love. Can't stand procrastination. Generally an easy person to be around.
by soul keeper February 5, 2010
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Sometimes referred as cherry. She is the TEH SEX GODDESS no doubt. Some men will desired sex from her more than anything. With her amazing godlike seductive skillz, innocent sexy looks, and her beautiful smile will make you crave her more and more. Sheri has excellent skillz (in bed) and the looks to go with it. Beware, she might pounce but its love. She craves sex even when she is innocent, yes, the sex craver, be prepared to have great stamina to deal with TEH sheri. She won't keep you for long if you don't keep up. Once you have her, she is like a drug, an addiction.

Her Lover: OMG sheri your so wet!!!
Sheri: FASTER, please, go IN
Her Lover: I AM I AM as fast as I can
by BattyFTW June 12, 2009
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