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Could mean either "Go fuck yourself" or "Good for you". Either one works quite effectivly.
person1: "Yeah, I won the prize!11!!!1"
by Blarg June 22, 2004
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gfy's - go fuck yourselves

plural form of gfys.

go fuck yourselves
hey Mr. cunt Southwood (some old wrinkly homo from spaghetti westerns)

you, your friends, your political party, and all your multiple personalities can go find yourselves squarely atop your own wrinkly impotent acorns. gfy's
by WordRepoMan January 21, 2013
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1. β€œGood for you”
2. β€œGo fuck yourself”

Much more than just its versatility, the charm of using β€œGFY” is that the recipient is never quite sure as to which meaning was intended.
Stalker: β€œI find you stunningly attractive.”
Woman wishing to be left alone: β€œGFY.”
Stalker: β€œWow, she has feelings for me too.”

John: β€œI got a promotion at work today.”
Bill: β€œGFY.”
John: β€œWell, fuck, you don’t have to be such a miserable cunt about it.”
by eliangonzalez January 19, 2019
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mixed meaning, in the case of a friend, good for you. If someone you don't like, Go F*** Yourself
Friend: Congrats on the promotion, G.F.Y.
Jerk: Leave me alone, G.F.Y.
by Flicky23 November 27, 2005
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