95 definitions by poop

to address someone who is skilled in the area of cooking breakfast
me: what up home skillet?
my mom: take out the trash
by poop April 9, 2005
the act of having sex with a chick when she has diarhea
my girlfriend was sick so i went mud bogging
by poop March 2, 2004
1. to poop on, shit on, or fart on
2. to smell absolutely rancid
1. I'm going to crete on the mass-deck.

2. That smells like absolute crete.
by poop December 14, 2003
1- One who partakes in grabbing the boobies. They often hang outside little girls' bedroom windows.

2- A midgit retard that waits outside of girls rooms and taps on there windows and has them lean there titties out the window while he sucks on them.
Suzy heard the ratta tat tat of the mother fucking titty mongrawl.
by poop January 21, 2004
Nearly Nude, as in almost nekkid
"DUDE! That chick that works at Best Buy runs a NN website! She also owes Lauren Johnson money!"
by poop February 20, 2005
A word defining a great movie such as that of My Sassy Girl
Wow, this matrix movie is quite SPACTULARSPUDNEOUSCAILOUS!
by poop August 8, 2003