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Anyone born with the name Branden is clearly considered the alpha male of all males. Women drool over the presence of a Branden, and will try desperately to get into a Branden's pants. They are shaped perfectly, tone, have beautiful hair, amazing eyes, perfect skin. A Branden is always pleasurable in bed and know's sex by perfection. Any Branden is instantly adapted to liquor and can handle mass amounts in a short amount of time without getting sick, they are an alcohol champ. A Branden is extremely experienced in the arts of combat and be very dangerous when irritated, keep caution when a Branden gets angry unless you're an attractive female... then be happy. Branden's are usually very romantic but balance it out with a very strong sexual side, the scent of a Branden will make a female love. Branden's always have very big urethra's, and are able to pleasure women with ease. Everyone will eventually have a love for a Branden. A Branden will eventually rule the planet Earth.
"Hey girls.."
"You see that man over there?"
"He must be a Branden, sexy and hung like a horse."
"Lets get em' girls!"
by The Master Branden December 25, 2009
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Brandens, (usually males), are very funny, and smart! They may seem quiet in public, but are really outgoing when they're with their friends. Brandens are normally very tall, with long legs. They're normally very cute and attractive! Brandens normally have curly hair, and are very skinny. They enjoy being awesome all day, everyday. Brandens are always there for their friends, and always will be. They make great boyfriends, and treat any girl well. They're very kind, funny, talented, and sweet. If you know a Branden, keep him in your life!
"Branden, You're so awesome!"
"Damn, Branden is cool!"
"Ooooh, What's HIS name? He's CUTEEE!"
"That would be Branden."
by xAllYSAURx January 07, 2012
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a guy who is fucking awesome. who says whaaaaaaa like a pimp. is pefect in every way,hair and all. respective to the ladies. doesnt like younger women. drinks beer like a champ/ mans man. likes to get into iegall activity. aggressive only wen intoxicated. makes you smile.
i want a guy like branden ?
by xxxtinaaaa099 September 11, 2006
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amazing guy hot asf a branden will always be there for you and will never let you down. A branden wll confort you when youve had a hard day and will wipe away your tears when you cry i love a branden
dammm branden back at it again with your hot as looks
by booboo xx kimmy July 11, 2016
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Cool, amazing, generous, sexy guy. Loves to dance to Britney spears or Beyonce! The one with all the new music! A walking celebrity encyclopedia! A guy with a great butt! The one everyone looks forward to seeing! The one everyone wants advice from. The cool guy that everyone likes to be around. The one with FOUR best friends. The short but sexy one. The one I call mine!
Branden is a sexy "Watch yo mouth"!
by Ricky P. Man December 11, 2010
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the act of rubbing against a pole.
Male. maybe.
Loves giving away sweaters.
by jenna713 November 08, 2007
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