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When one farts mid standing up.
Dude, I just rocket jumped out of my chair, I swear I got hang time!
by pimpmastahanhduece September 18, 2019

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when shit happens, phonetically its told like it izz.
(adjective, noun)

synonyms- a bitch, and add 'bull' for- some bullshit, but difference is just emphasis with the rare exception you step in shit from a male bouvine and may lose its rhetorical value.
precarious, unfortunate, sucks balls, kerfluffle.

person 1:"hurry up and use the ATM so we can pay back the guy by tonight and not get our legs broken."
ATM eats credit card.
person 2:"it ate my mother fucking card! ...aint this some shit."

continues from adjective example
person 1: YEAH! now we're in SOME SHIT!
accountants in suits walk out of the bank all with metal bats.
generic accountant:"times up boys."
by pimpmastahanhduece October 09, 2009

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either yelling or doing egoraptor's MGA "OKAY!" used for getting someone's attention but being funny.

can also be a someone sticking their tongue out who really doesnt want to
>:q okay! listen, metal gear awesome isn't on youtube, Go to newgrounds.com to see them how they were MEANT to be SEEN! crystal clear without all this fuzzy compression bullshit.
by pimpmastahanhduece March 28, 2009

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A word that is sharply reacted to negatively or met with defense for the associated conception surrounding it being unpopular to confront by one or a community or culture.
You mention just one boogeyword to a hyperpartisan, you better strap in for a rollercoaster ride of an angry lecture.
by pimpmastahanhduece July 17, 2020

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The high likelihood of a stimulus to be rapidly noticed.
Waldo doesn't even try anymore! On every page, his spotaneity gives him away in seconds!
by pimpmastahanhduece June 28, 2020

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The waifu of someone with a caucasian complex.

A portmanteau of 'waifu' and 'white'.
Some asian men like white women so much, you'll often find those that do have a whifu they admire.
by pimpmastahanhduece November 05, 2019

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Someone who continues to fly/travel during a pandemic although aware of the already less than clean and packed conditions(turd-like).
"Your cousin has been traveling constantly between the US and Europe for years, but even months after pandemic they haven't slowed down at all!"

"Yeah, I'm avoiding them until there's a vaccine since they're constant turdhoppers."
by pimpmastahanhduece July 20, 2020

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