Multiple gender attraction. Someone who is romantically and/or sexually attracted to more than one gender. Their attraction may vary in strength or form from gender to gender.
Examples of MGA sexualities: bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, etc.

Person 1: People really should stop hating on the MGA people from the LGBT + community..
Person 2: Yea, I hear even Some people from that community hate on them and say they're not real LGBT.
by QueenBlueSkies August 9, 2015
downloading a touching youtube video to share with others is technically illegal, but one could argue it as MGA
by Dr.Vader December 30, 2016
'Mijn Gezicht Als' (dutch)
Same use as mfw (My face when)
>mga there is no toilet paper left
by xiempie November 29, 2010
A well known private organization usually formed in Highschool consisting of very trustworthy members which are usually friends of each other. These people in the Mga Keeds hang out very often, call each other when they are sabog, or even sing in class. They tend to look out for each other and love spending time together even though things aren't exactly good. As the Mga Keeds , they stand as one united and very precious community. Their eggcelence together will forever be eggcelent. You do not wanna mess with the Mga Keeds
The Mga Keeds are very good at singing "Buwan" by Juan Karlos.
The Mga Keeds eggcelence overall is very eggcelent.
by Penny Not Wise April 29, 2019
A Filipino dance when their classmates dance like a chicken or duck
Ang mga ibon na lumilipad
by Einstein grandkid September 28, 2019
mga bobo means your ediot or this called a cursed word from a FILIPINO language.
MGA BOBO mahihinang nilalang kayu mga ulol
by xcot March 24, 2022