Stands for a beautiful, strong, intelligent sexy woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. She seems sweet and innocent but she knows how to get control over men who will do anything just to keep her. This girl is just the perfect mix of everything: she is beautiful, intelligent and crazily good in bed. Anybody who has ever lost an Ina, regrets the loss their whole life always comparing this perfect girl to other women. If you are with an Ina, you are a lucky man who will be envied everywhere, don't fuck it up!!
Ina can be used for any other words meaning great, sexy, hot, intelligent, genius etc.

I just met the perfect girl ever, she is truly an Ina.

Man, I had the best sex in my life yesterday, it was so Ina!

Einstein was a real Ina.
by crazychicaaaaaaaaaahh February 5, 2010
A really awesome, nice, attractive girl that every one likes. She always makes you laugh and laughs at all the jokes you make.Just a all around sexy and awesome girl that everyone wants to be with.
Guy 1: have you met ina?
Guy 2 : yah she is awesome
by Tbrewer June 6, 2013
A funny and energetic person, but can also be completely dead inside at times. She is really smart but can say stupid things. Don't be fooled by her seemingly nice personality, she can scare the shit out of you if she wants to. She scares away many people with her death stares.Manipulating. She is also a very good lier and it's hard to tell if she's telling the truth or not. Quiet person which makes her even scarier. Very introverted and passive aggressive. She is most likely to make a lot of money. She is really fun to be around if you are her friend. She doesn't like confrontation and getting attention. Pretty chill person unless you make her angry. Likes messing with people. She is an all around good friend and you can trust her with your secrets.
Person 1: The little one is scaring me.
Person 2: Ina?
Person 1: Yah.
Pearson 2: Why?
Person 1: I don't know, she just is.

Ina is a little devil.
by TheFunnyIntrovert November 4, 2017
Master of Hiiyyyaaaas and Hooyyyaaaas.
by RebalsUwU May 26, 2021
"Daamn, this girl last night, she was a Ina"
by e-drengen August 12, 2015
A beautiful girl with an open heart and will do anything she desires. They are the funniest people on earth and are bound to make you enjoy yourself with her, they are also really pretty and buff.

Inas usually sees the bright side in everything but if taken for granted can let out everything.
They wreak ly care for you and like to meet loads of new people.
Omg that girl is so Inas and nice.
Yeah I know right I wish I could be Inas
by Inas October 24, 2014