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A person whose IQ is between his weight and heights.
Teacher: You are stupid.
Me: Nah, I'm just normal.
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-Cantonese swear. Also known as pok gai/poke guy etc. In Chinese, it is written as "仆街"

-Equivalent to "asshole/dick" or "Go die/ Go to hell/Damn it"in English.

-Could be a noun to call someone you don't like, a phrase to describe a bad situation, or something you shout out loud simply to express anger.

-Cantonese is very forgiving in grammar, especially when it comes to profanity, so just use them any way you want.

Fun fact:
As "pok" means fall, and "guy" means street/ground. So the literal meaning of pok guy is to fall down to the ground/ had a bad fall.
1.Tom didn't pay me back.He is a real pok guy!!!!!!

2.* Defeated in game
Me: Pok guy!!!!!! I lost again. I hope those pok guy teammates could be a bit smarter.
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A famous boy band in Hong Kong produces rap songs, which composes of :
Creme Supreme, Healthy Lin, Bumblebee Yung, Butcher Fong, Khanwo, and Matthew Bospel.
Me: Did you went to the concert of The Lowmays?

Friend: No, but I wish I could!
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A group of people, where most Americans think it is a school, actually decide the next president of the US.
Donald trump won the 2016 election by having more votes in the electoral college, despite having less popular votes than Hillary Clinton.
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Also known as tonsilloliths, are cheese-like half solid within the crevices of the tonsils.
One of the causes of bad breath.
I can feel the tonsil stones in my tonsils!!!!! But they just can't get out. Damn
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A rapper based in Hong Kong and produces high quality rap songs, both in English and Cantonese.
Dude:Young Hysan is the best rapper in the world.
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