A slang word which adresses wussy milksop musical tunes.
"Damn, that's tonal."
"I can't stand tonal music."
"Go away with your tonal chords!"
by mo.fo. August 22, 2011
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When tone is applied to a sentence to emphasise sarcasm or wit.
Person in response to tonality -
You dont have to say it with such tonality! I am not two!
by VICKI KARMA November 11, 2006
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(musical term)Refers to a system of pitches within a diatonic scale, based on whole and half-tone relationships to a given tonic, therefore determining the key signature.
Tonality allows you to construct a scale.
by J_E_L January 23, 2006
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Meaning in the tone that was implied, not the other one that was thought.

Danni: I could tell by your tone
Craig: But i said it tonally
by John Smithington February 9, 2008
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When the mood of a room or situation is drastically changed in a short amount of time.
We were having a great party until Jesse pulled out a gun, it was a total tonal whiplash
by OctoChili August 1, 2021
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Something having to do with a relative strength of color in comparison to we don't know what. Only used by big corporate douchebags attempting to sound intelligent instead of researching what the hell they are talking about. The symptoms of having this word used in your direction includes hair loss, vulgar outbursts and possible harsh sarcasm.
The ad's background needs to have half the tonal value of the logo. Also make every other word blink and make the logo bigger. Have this done by tonight.

Scum of the earth.
by re dm yse February 13, 2008
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The scientific study of the tones individuals use to express a word.
Carlos was listening to Grand Funk Railroad play "The Loco-Motion" and was amazed by the singer's adroit use of tonality to each time he expressed a word or a few of them in succession convey a message or messages which were quite a little different, complimented, or reinforced the words he sang. He realized tonality was but has not been raised to the level of a science, and coined the term Tonality Science to go in that direction.
by but for October 24, 2017
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