The Ultimate-Guitar.com (UG) version of the pound sign (£) - it is common amongst hard-core patriotic users to use this replacement (J) outside of context and UG...

J or j can be used - both are acceptable.

This replacement of 'J' and '£' arises from the personal messaging system. It inexplicably replaces '£' with 'J' before sending, presumably because it cannot store or send '£' as it is not a letter, and as UG is American, the £ is unlikely to be used.
- Oh that's about J180 isnt it?
- cheapest I've seen is J500!
by STROPH March 17, 2009
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Another commonly used term among potheads for a marijuana joint.
Hey, can you hand me the papers so I can roll another J.
by Fathead December 08, 2004
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