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The (UG) version of the pound sign (£) - it is common amongst hard-core patriotic users to use this replacement (J) outside of context and UG...

J or j can be used - both are acceptable.

This replacement of 'J' and '£' arises from the personal messaging system. It inexplicably replaces '£' with 'J' before sending, presumably because it cannot store or send '£' as it is not a letter, and as UG is American, the £ is unlikely to be used.
- Oh that's about J180 isnt it?
- cheapest I've seen is J500!
by STROPH March 17, 2009
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Another commonly used term among potheads for a marijuana joint.
Hey, can you hand me the papers so I can roll another J.
by Fathead December 08, 2004
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There is only one J in the universe. These are the characteristics of J: perfect hair, jacked up truck, always has a hott girlfriend, redneck and preppy all at the same time, perfectly tan, belt buckle, tattoos, and a huge dick. J can be dress ugly and still be handsome at the same time. When J shows up to a party, it's epic. All the ladies want him. J could cheat on his girlfriend and she would forgive him.
by Chaz-nation January 21, 2014
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J stands for Junkie. The term is used down south often... even in rap songs. A junkie is somebody who has a bad drug addiction.
-Yesterday I saw a J giving head for some crack. That shits fucked up!

-T.I. - 24's:
By tha niggas getting head from a J, loose your leg when I spray and your dead from decay, stay ready for the raid pay heavy for the yay I told my class kiss my ass i make 11 everyday

-JR Get Money - Trap All Day:
Im in the trap all day, cell phone ringing off the hook from the J's, the blow sitting mad counting money in the shade, there sure aint no other way id rather get paid.
by AJ S May 17, 2007
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