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Used to describe a females areolas or areolae, when they are the size of a silver dollar.
"That woman had a nice rack. She had nice and dark silver dollar nipples"
by Patrico January 12, 2008

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A vagina with an abnormally large clit. The clit will sometimes resemble a baby penis, or the head of a penis. Women who use steroids generally have a sausage clit
Did you see the porn "One night in china"? That China chick totally had a sausage clit.
by patrico December 20, 2007

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A short fat penis, that has balls that somewhat resemble dingle berries.
That guys penis is a dingle dong. Too bad for him.
by patrico December 20, 2007

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A 16oz can of Busch beer. Also a fairly known pro gamer in the xbox live community.
Yo man, lets go get us a Buschtall and get drunk tonight
by patrico December 17, 2007

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Is the concept of moving backwards and/or forwards to different points in time through the vagina, or better know as gynowormholes. It is currently unknown whether the laws of physics would allow time travel, through the vagina. gynowormholes are a type of hypothetical warped spacetime which are also permitted by the Einstein field equations of general relativity, although it would be impossible to travel through a gynowormhole unless it was what is known as a traversable gynowormhole.
"Have you proven your chrongyno theory yet? I really want to jump into that Gynowormhole and travel back in time"
by Patrico December 24, 2007

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Philes commonly refer to files about hacking in the days of BBSs. "Ph" may have been originally used as homage to the phone/phreak.

Other common abstractions of the word are t-files (shorthand for textfiles) and g-files (general files (etymology not certain)). The use of "ph" in lieu of "f" is arbitrary
I want to go hack some Philes
by patrico December 20, 2007

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A slang term used to describe big perky nipples, also sometimes used when a girls nipples are cold and are nipping
"Man look at those tits! Does that babe have some nice eraser heads or what?"
by Patrico December 23, 2007

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