n. When one does not remember their previous night, esp. due to a large consumption of alcohol

v. To drink to such a point
Man, I don't remember anything after those Jagermeister shots. I just woke up in bed. I must have been Time Traveling last night.
by b Jones March 23, 2004
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what happens in between 4:50 and 5:10. basically the last ten minutes and first ten minutes of any hour combined. it always FEELS shorter than 20 minutes, it feels like only 10. but.. it's 20 minutes!
just try it sometime, like sit down and relax. say woo im gonna relax for 20 minutes. then u get to 5:10 and feel ripped off.
by ur momz August 12, 2004
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(v.)To proceed in a theoretically linear path towards and backwards to or between the beginning and end of time. Although an enchanting fantasy for many, there are lots of errors and preventions that are part of time travel. I, for instance, believe it may be possible but too dangerous to do. If we do only have a single universal timeline, time travel would have resounding effects and we would only become meaningless "events" in any change caused to it. Bah, enough sci-talk, the point is: it's the action of moving thru time.
I constructed a time portal in which upon entering today, I time travelled to last Monday and saw myself eating a slice o' pizza. (Unfortunately, I was trapped in a catch-22; how can I escape back to my time without upsetting it?)
by Smkngmgc June 14, 2004
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The phenomenon that happens when you urinate, ejaculate, and defecate all at once.
by Jcakes October 20, 2004
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To consume psychostimulants in a matter that makes time pass very quickly.

For example a university student using stimulants like adderall or ritalin with the intent to achieve higher study focus, but instead ending up spending hours browsing the web / discussing Einstein theories with study mates.
I was gonna make the last push for my final exam, was going for an all nighter the day before it. I had a bunch of redbull and vitamin r at home, but the whole night ended up being a complete time travel.
by centralsinuscatheter December 4, 2010
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1. A menace

2. The theory and practice of time travel is incomprehensible to anyone who hasn't spent at least four lifetimes studying advanced hypermathematics, and since it was impossible to do this before time travel was invented, there is a certain amount of confusion as to how the idea was arrived at in the first place.

3. An easy way to make money by copyrighting things, then suing the companies who originally copyrighted the thing in the first place.
The Encyclopedia Galactica copied many of its excerpts from the back of cereal boxes adding footnotes so the companies couldn't sue them. It is ironic that due to time travel the Encyclopedia Galactica went back into time and wrote the passages before the cereal companies, and then went on to sue them for copyright infringement.

See also: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Life the Universe and Everything, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Douglas Adams, and Encyclopedia Galactica
by Todd W December 7, 2006
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Someone who travels through the past and present. Whether it is through an object, at will, or using worm holes. A time traveler can visit any time in the past, present, or future.
The time traveler went from 2016 to the year 5900.
by MissyTravels December 29, 2016
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