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Philes commonly refer to files about hacking in the days of BBSs. "Ph" may have been originally used as homage to the phone/phreak.

Other common abstractions of the word are t-files (shorthand for textfiles) and g-files (general files (etymology not certain)). The use of "ph" in lieu of "f" is arbitrary
I want to go hack some Philes
by patrico December 20, 2007
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An high-class disser. Known for dissing his friends/family for unreasonable reasons. Usually an asian.

Also an person who lags with great quanity of un-beliviable lag. Might also wordh4x0r/word.
what? why cant you come over?... man your such an phi le.
by bjx March 29, 2003
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Phile is someone who is generally pretty awesome but is shy until you get to know her but she can be really funny and kind
by PHILE_89# April 06, 2019
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