Someone who likes to explore the workings of the telephone system, such as switching, call routing, etc. Phreaks are always trying to keep up with the latest telecom innovations.
A Phreak is not just someone who makes "free calls"!
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
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Phreak (or phreaking/phreaker) is a term used to describe the early hackers in the late 70's-early 90's who manipulated the tone-based telephone switching systems to conduct unauthorized activity within that system. Although these "phreakers" rarely had malicious intent, their curiosity often got them arrested and heavily punished.
Cap'n crunch is the best known phreaker of all time because he discovered the effect of the 2600Hz tone.
by Nick Marco January 29, 2003
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as an expansion on a previously posted deffinition:

A phreak is anyone who explores phone systems. Basically a phone hacker
by Chuck May 6, 2003
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A term of exclamation used to describe a person, in reaction to something silly and/or humourous they say.

Not necessarily used as an insult, this term is most commonly used as a term of endearment and should never be taken seriously.

Taken from a combination of the words freak and prick.
Friend 1: I didn't know that the buffalo has wings...

Friend 2: It doesn't! You're such a phreak!
by BelleAngel March 23, 2009
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(noun) A person obsessed with the illicit application of fringe technology.
In the early 1970s, phone phreaks designed and marketed little boxes that allowed the users to make unlimited free long-distance calls.
by LeRoy Greene October 24, 2004
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Someone who is too freaky for the simple word "freak." This can have positive as well as negative connotations.
Damn, that girl on the dance floor is a real phreak! I want her number like mad, dawg.
by Patrick R. December 2, 2002
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-Person who is able to use a dial tone to hack, and or participates in anarchistic activities.
- s/he jackpotted the atm using a micro computer between the host and atm / s/he sent (insert location)into complete chaos by doing _______ and_______
by great elsamo December 8, 2003
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