Dude my mom almost caught me on Ph last night!
by Pansexy December 3, 2016
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A word that is short for

"Porn hub"

Not "Pizza hut"
Mike: oh dude im so horny im gonna go on Ph
Will: Pizza hut
Mike: no the other Ph
Will: ohhhh
by Chinese Santa December 11, 2017
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noun, pronounced F

Also known as "pubehead", which is one who's hair resembles a mass amount of pubes upon their cranium.
Guy 1: Hey Ph.

Guy 2 looks over.

Guy 1: Haha! Pubehead!

by Not A Ph April 24, 2009
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"What are y'all doing"
"Watching ph 😂"
"Disgusting !"
by itrapb.ndz June 9, 2017
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girl one: hey girly, how’s ur pH?

girl two: it was better before matthew broke my back last night.

girl one: so true
by Susan Kittleson February 14, 2022
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It's the acronym for the phonetic code "Peace Hindi S" used to camouflage the famous "Piss in the Ass" phrase from South Park's "Le Petit Tourette" episode. A second layer of code would be "PA Chess".
Everything today's going wrong. PHS!,
Stop phs'in around and do some work!
PHS, usak.
by kontoc1 June 10, 2009
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A terrible school that cant catch people vaping, and does not know how to use the school budget properly such that it seems like the staff room lounge itself costed 10k
by daddy owyong September 7, 2021
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