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A really really fucked up mental illness/ mental disorder, usually accompanied by anxiety disorder which causes a person to have an uncontrollable paranoia. Depression is a lack of hormones and imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Depression makes a person weak, lazy, and very very pessimist. This shit should not be underestimated, It drains all your energy and your vision of your life.

Common Myths/ Misconception:

Depression can be cured through will and positive thinking
Depression is only in your brain, it is not a mental illness go to a bar have sex then you will be cured.
Depression is just an excuse for being lazy

MAJOR BULLSHIT! Depression is an actual MENTAL ILLNESS.
Because of depression Dave never go to a party.
Because of depression Alfred didn't apply for a job.
by oldemberg February 7, 2014
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One big ass factory of Asians and things.
80% of my belongings are made in China. I am currently dating a girl who also was made in China
by oldemberg May 12, 2014
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That long ass wall of text no one bothered reading, yet everyone agrees.
I hereby blah blah blah.... Any reproduction blah blah blah.... Just let me install my fucking Dark Soul terms and conditions.
by oldemberg May 24, 2014
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Worse than the government. Religion is an unnecessary organization of people with a unanimous belief on a fictional celestial being living in the sky. It is an organization disguised to conduct moral standard but in reality, it is a money grubbing, mind controlling bastards who can't understand science.
"Religion is bullshit" - George Carlin

Teacher: Class, does anyone knows why God forbid Adam and Eve from eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge?

Students: So, that sin won't spread to the people

Teacher: No! It's because God feared that one day, people might discover that He actually doesn't exist
by oldemberg April 29, 2014
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It's like gravity, all it takes is a little..... PUSH!
by oldemberg February 7, 2014
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