Two Nudists Who Decided To Take Dietary Advice From A Talking Snake.
Eve: "Wow Adam, I'm Getting Fat. What Should I Do?

Adam: " I Dunno, Why Don't You Ask That Snake?"

Snake: "Don't Eat Apples."
by Collin Jones June 19, 2005
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The first man and woman. Eve was made from one of Adam's rib (which is why women have one more rib than men). They were not to eat off the tree of good and evil, otherwise they'd become smart, know they're naked, and feel shame. (BTW, the fruit from the tree was NOT an apple. sheesh) And they were banished gave birth to Cain and Abel, and so on.
Adam and Eve made the original sin (disobeying God)
by Sean Ryan February 21, 2006
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The two luckiest people in the world. Had hundreds of children and started the entire Earth's population. Used various fetishes like alabama hot pocket and cleaveland steamer
Adj: Meaning "Having sex every night"
N: The two people who, in the catholic religion were the first humans.
Damn those two are Adam and Eve!
by Jack Me Off Please January 11, 2007
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Simply put, the first two humans in existence which would be fully compatible with the belief that evolution is correct. After all every human can trace their ancestry back to y-chromosomal adam and mitochondrial eve which might be the entire concept that religions were referring to when they claimed that there was a "father" and a "mother" of the human race.
Adam and Eve meet y-chromosomal adam and mitochondrial eve (although they lived thousands of years apart).
by Skialian January 9, 2014
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someone who you thought was your friend but actually was a snake and fucked you over!
by Adam and Eved February 25, 2019
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The two chuckleheads who populated the earth with imbreds. Explains a lot.
I wonder if Adam and Eve looked identical, except for the genitalia?
by Lizard_Queen June 12, 2007
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