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a word used in reference to a coke dealer that you do not personally know
"So who's this snowman, is his shit good??"
by BeauDerek April 12, 2003
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A person who deals drugs, most likely Cocaine.
I wanted some crack, but my snow man was all out.
by Wendy January 05, 2004
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a snow figure that looks like a man. it is built by stacking 3 snowballs on top of each other
by aaasd January 21, 2010
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A handsome masculine figure sculptured from compressed snow and various other accessories (pebbles, carrots, twigs, hats, cloak etc...)
Anna: I love to make a snowman
Lenny: Didn't you once draw a sketch of a snowman?
Anna: Yes a very wonderful and beautiful snowman.
Lenny: A snowman you will always love yeah?
Anna: Yeah
by redyellowgold July 23, 2010
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