a word used in reference to a coke dealer that you do not personally know
"So who's this snowman, is his shit good??"
by BeauDerek April 12, 2003
Do you want to be a snowmaaaaaaaannnn?
Come on let's sell cocaaaaiiinnee!!

cocaine snowman
by oldemberg June 7, 2014
a snow figure that looks like a man. it is built by stacking 3 snowballs on top of each other
by aaasd January 21, 2010
A particularly jolly man, made of snow, tends to dance with small children. goes by the name "Frosty" and resemles the Michelin man, but without the massive amounts of rolls.
*small children* "hey, it's frosty! let's go dance!" *mother* " isn't that the guy that sold us our tires?"
by Alison faith May 20, 2005
anyone who suffers from EPSD (extremely pale skin disorder) and whose name starts with 'B' :)
i like turtles 98 fnorb
man, why are you such a snowman?!
by vbfhwdjbkvruiewnfweruionf 98 November 7, 2011
One who has a large amount of diamonds on him. You call him a snowman because hes so icy.
Damn look at that dude over theres hes got so much ice on him he looks like a snowman.
by Dylan H July 22, 2005
When a guy is getting head, right before he's about to splooge, he pulls outta the girls mouth, jizzes all over her face, and sticks a carrot in her mouth.
Right before he was about to finish, he pulled outta the girls mouth and gave her a snowman.
by Whitey n Out December 19, 2006