A very crude way to get your partner or yourself sexually aroused, typically done through explicit text or suggestive photos, at times even nude. Whereas sallying is the same, but better!!!
Lola: omg you'll never guess what happened!! I was sexting with John last night and he sent me a picture of his dick!
Julia: Ew, sexting can be so gross. You should find a good guy who can sally you! it's the same, but even better!
by W&R September 10, 2011
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Where teens send pictures of themselfs naked on their phones and everyone finds out.
"Dude, did you hear Mary is SEXTING now..."
by juju123 March 12, 2009
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Sex - Texting
The act of sending another party photos of animals over text message. The other party then has to guess the sex of the animal.
Boy: Hey, you wanna sext?
Girl: Yes
Boy: * sends picture of a zebra*
girl: This is a hard one, maybe i don't want to sext.
Boy: that's okay, sexting isn't for everyone
by pastaprincess June 16, 2014
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Sexting is something that young girls with low self-esteem do for attention. Phony "experts" and ugly feminists say that the kids are just exploring their sexuality, and sending out nudes and nasty porn all over school is "normal" and healthy". and is even more "normal" and "healthy" when young kids send the nudes to them. But in the end, the girls sexting are just hoes and thots with no self-respect that are desperate for attention and compliments.
Damn, look at Sally. She can barely tie her shoes, but is already sexting.
by oceancats September 30, 2020
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The act of poor judgment when using digital technology by sending an image, video or text message of an explicit (adult) or risque nature to another individual.
The class learned why Sexting is Stupid from the Institute for Responsible Online Cell-Phone Communication in school today.
by I.R.O.C.2 May 1, 2009
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it isn’t sex it’s the next best thing; talking dirty like ancient Egyptians
“Dude I heard he was sexting with Marisa last night”
by codfihs August 29, 2021
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The unauthorized, non-maritime use of sextants in our schools.
"My friend Katy said we were going to drive up to Mile Rise, because some older boys wanted to determine its exact position relative to the moon. I didn't want to tell my mom what we were doing, because she doesn't approve of sexting, so I told her I was staying over at Katy's house."
by Sir Pennyfeather April 7, 2010
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