(a state of mind) it's a magical place where people go after heavy drinking, and or a state of extreme toxication typically associated with a Parnado (refer to definition)
I'm driving to shitty city and i'm running for mayor!
by jesus_of_partying December 5, 2007
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Term used by Midwesteners back in the 70s, referring to locally grown marijuana, which then was highly inferior in quality. Any "domestic" weed would only be acquired as a last resort if no Mexican was available.
I smoked some of that Kansas City Shitty and all I got was a headache and a sore throat.
by Woody Thomas January 18, 2006
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Living like a noble in a fucked up city; hood rich
"How'd that kid get so fat in this area?"
"Dude's just got that Shitty City Comfort."
by justphuckoff October 23, 2019
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