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Sexting is usually done by attention seeking high school and even middle school girls that think passing out nudes and porn will somehow make them popular or cool. Most are too dumb to realize that most guys will treat them like shit and take advantage of them and the rest of the school will think of them as hoes and sluts. Most have no idea that most of the pics will end up all over school or the town and follow them forever.
Some hoes are dumb enough to think sexting will somehow make them popular or cool instead of being just dumb hoes.
by oceancats March 24, 2017
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Sexting is something dumb high and middle school girls do when their desperate for attention.
Man, check out Sara, she loves sexting and showing off and will give nudies to anyone that asks
by oceancats February 12, 2017
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A very crude way to get your partner or yourself sexually aroused, typically done through explicit text or suggestive photos, at times even nude. Whereas sallying is the same, but better!!!
Lola: omg you'll never guess what happened!! I was sexting with John last night and he sent me a picture of his dick!
Julia: Ew, sexting can be so gross. You should find a good guy who can sally you! it's the same, but even better!
by W&R September 10, 2011
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Where teens send pictures of themselfs naked on their phones and everyone finds out.
"Dude, did you hear Mary is SEXTING now..."
by juju123 March 11, 2009
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Sexting is much more than just sending naked or provocative pictures to each other (conversation, pictures, etc.). Sexting is a way of exploring one's sexuality and requires trust between two or more people. Sexting also must be consensual and fun, no one wants unsolicited dick pics! Exploitation of one involved in sexting is unacceptable because this is an act happening in private and one's sexual experiences and life should not be judged or intruded upon. There is no stereotype for people that sext; it's not just "young, stupid girls looking for attention", it is based on sexual preference and what one is comfortable with.
Person 1: I heard Sally and Sam have been sexting. Don't you think Sally is so gross?
Person 2: That's none of our business. And if that's what Sally and Sam like, we have no place to judge them.

Person 1: *sends unsolicited picture* Do you wanna sext? Send pics
Person 2: I'm not interested in sexting, it's not really my thing. You should ask because sending pictures.
by feminists123 May 06, 2019
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Using a cellular device to send pornographic photos or videos of oneself to another. After recieving a sext message you are then supposed to forward it to every person you know, telling each one of them to do the same, until the entire world has seen it, and everyone thinks your friend is a slut. Can sometimes result in a law suit.
"While my mom was sexting my dad, she accidently forwarded the message to me, forcing me, according to the sexting law, to send the message to all my friends." That night, all my friends died.
by 2+2=unicorn January 07, 2010
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Sex - Texting
The act of sending another party photos of animals over text message. The other party then has to guess the sex of the animal.
Boy: Hey, you wanna sext?
Girl: Yes
Boy: * sends picture of a zebra*
girl: This is a hard one, maybe i don't want to sext.
Boy: that's okay, sexting isn't for everyone
by pastaprincess June 16, 2014
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