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A rectangular flag that represents the United States and all of its ideals and values. It is composed of a blue square with 50 (or however many states there are at the time of the flag's production) white stars in the uper lefthand corner. The rest of the flag is 13 alternating red and white stripes. Legend has it that the seamstress Betsy Ross created the first American flag.

Treatment of the flag is dictated by the Flag Code. Breaking of the flag code is not punishable (protected by the 1st Amendment).
The American flag is often scrutinized for various reasons and desecrated. The people responsible fail to realize that it is not the flag that is so importnat, it is what the flag represents. The flag is held in such esteem because some feel that their respect of the flag is a good way to show their respect for the Nation and our ideals.

TO ALL THE FLAG BURNERS ETC: The flag that you desecrate, insult, burn and defile stands for the same values that protect your right to do so(1st Amendment). Without that right (in a dictatorship) you could be executed for said actions.
by northendwhitetrash July 3, 2007
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A place where people interested in cars go to look at other peoples' cars (and possibly show their own).

There are a few types of car shows:
Classic Car: This type is ussually reserved for classic cars and other vehicles of historical signifigance. These types of shows can also be subdivided into catagories based on the type, era or signifigance of the cars.

Speciality Shows: These often feature newer cars that have been modified. Many of the larger shows like this are sponsered by groups and magazines like DUB and Nopi. The larger ones are also joined by demonstrations and events that cater to the type of show (an import tuner show may have drifiting demonstrations).

General Shows: These are for cars in general. They could be classic, custom, modern rare (like Lambos), and stock. Ussually people who show their cars here have some kind of special car (classic or custom)but anyone can bring their cars and show them in events like that.

Almost every car show is sponsored by some kind of organazation like a car club. They also ussually have vendors that sell parts, memorabilia, trinkets and general merchendise (ussually car-realted). Concessions like fair-food and drinks are almost always present at car shows of any real size. More formal car shows (like national and international car shows) sometimes have meetings and other events of the such.
Car shows and strip clubs share the same rule: NO TOUCHING!
by northendwhitetrash August 25, 2008
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Also called akimbo style, the practice of using two weapons simultaneously, one in each hand. The term usually refers to firearms, most commonly pistols (but machine pistols and other weapons can be used).

The practice has its start in the Old West. when cowboys generally carried single-action revolvers. Since these weapons generally had no more than a six round capacity and slow reload times, it was often necessary to carry more than one handgun. However, since most of the handguns were single-action, it was very impractical to dual-wield them. It is more likely that the cowboys used what is called a New York Reload which is to hold one gun in each hand, firing with the strong hand (generally the right) and then, when that gun ran out of ammunition, switching it out with the gun in the weak hand.

Dual-wielding as it is known today first became common in kung fu movies featuring guns, such as those directed by John Woo (called gun fu). The use in films later spread to some action and western films. Today, in addition to action movies and show, it is not uncommon to see akimbo style in video games.
There is a bunch of kids running around today who think dual wield is legitimate technique because of what they have seen in movies like the Matrix series and games like Halo. Dual wield is highly impractical for a variety of reasons. First of all, it makes aiming much more difficult. It is almost much more difficult to handle recoil when you are firing two handguns at one time.
by northendwhitetrash December 16, 2009
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God's gift to man. The perfect mix between untility and cost. The average sized role of duct tape costs less than $2 and is availiable to be purchased almost anywhere. Duct tape is not as sticky as Gorrila Tape, but it is much less expensive and more easily obtained. Every man must have a roll of duct tape somewhere. It is the perfect addition to the car, utility closet and tool box of anyone.

Duct tape was origionally created during World War 2 for the US military to water-proof ammunition crates in the wet climates of the Pacific and Northern Europe. The water-proof qualities earned it the name Duck Tape as it repelled water like a duck's feathers. GIs then began using this tape for fixing things in the field. After the war, this useful product was unsuccesfully used to seal duct work (hence the generic name) later to be replaced by foil tape. The two main producers of quality duct tape are Duck Tape and 3M. It is ussually found in the full-sized, gray roll. However, it can be found in many colors and sizes with many backings (plastic, rubber, fibered etc).
Something is officialy broken when it cannot be fixed with duct tape.
by northendwhitetrash August 4, 2008
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A form of Hard Rock that began with Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Purple Haze in the late 1960s and early 70s. Metal is considered the Biggest of the three main forms of Hard Rock, followed by Punk then Grunge. Heavy Metal is composed of big, aggresive sounds produced primarily by electric guitars, bass guitars, and drums. THe vocals are generally very guttural (hoarse and deep voice sounds) or high pithced and shrieking. Metal has almost countless sub-genres including, but not limited to, Hair/Glam Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash, Classic Metal, Nu Metal, Gothic Metal, Black MEtal, Folk Metal, Progressive, and many more.
Some of the greatest Heavy MEtal Bands include Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Iron MAiden, AC/DC, Anthrax, Metallica, KISS, Motley Crue, and Alice Cooper
by northendwhitetrash January 21, 2007
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The systematic restriction of the rights of Americans granted by the 2nd Amendment in the name of reducing crime. Gun Control is traditionally practiced by liberals but the rising popularity of neo-conservatism is also putting gun control on the agenda for most "conservatives." Gun Control ranges from the simplest of gun registration to an outright ban on a specific type of gun or guns in general. Gun Control is often implimented shortly before a totalitarian leader begins opressing a groups of people (German Holocaust, Stalin's Russia, Pol Pot's Cambodia, Darfur etc).

The fact is that Gun Control does not work. Any time new gun control laws are passed, crime rates go up. Whenever gun control laws are repealed, crime rates go down or stay the same. The simple truth is that if guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns. By definition, criminals (the group that gun control laws seem to attempt to disarm (in addition to the general public)), don't follow the law, thus making the gun control laws ineffective on them.
Never in the history of the United States (and most other countries for that matter) has a gun control policy decreased gun crime, gun injuries and/or gun deaths.
by northendwhitetrash January 21, 2009
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At first, gunships were naval vessels sporting guns, very simple. In more recent history, the term gunship has been aplied to aircraft. The role of a modern gunship is to get as much ordinance on the target as possible and blow the shit out of the enemy. Gunships come in the form of both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Gunships are usually based on a designasted gunship frame (the AH-64 Apache)or off cargo style craft that have been modified for the purpose (AC-47 Spooky).
The US military uses the gunship for close air support and shock and awe missions. The gunship is usually in support of other units. They circle or patrol a certain area and unleash hell as needed.
by northendwhitetrash June 2, 2007
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