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origionally intended for off-roaders and people who needed a truck and a van at the same time. Now they are used mostly by pricks, dicks and assholes. Soccormoms love these because they can put their 300lb kid in the back, let him watch a DVD so she doesn't have to be a parent while she talks on her cellphone (almost killing innocent motorists in cars and pedestrians) on her way to the soccor game where everybody is special so they all win. SUVs can be divided into 3 catagories
1) Fullsized- overbuilt, overpowered four-wheel-drive beheemouths with more luxury than a 4star hotel i.e. Esclades, Excursions, Navigators, Hummers
2) "Crossovers"- underbuilt, underpowered wuss-mobiles designed so that some people can feel good that they are not driving a tank when in fact, they are even worse because they still waste fuel and space, drive like idiots and should really be driving a van or car. Forgein companies from Asia and Europe often sell these too.
3) Suburbans- Still a full-sized SUV with luxury and four-wheel-drive, but actually designed to tow and work. idiots from catagory 1 still buy suburbans, but so do people who actually work the truck like a truck.
I was crossing the street when some bitch in a SUV hit me. She got pissed off at me (eventhough she ran the light because she was doing her make-up and chatting on her cell) because my face scratched her bumper.
by northendwhitetrash December 30, 2008
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According to Christianity, God's son and the saviour of the world who will come again to judge the living and the dead (CORRECT). According to the Jews, a heretic who comited blasphmy (some Jews and Muslims see him as a major profit). Acording to athiest, some guy (WRONG). According to evangelicals, a way to guilt impresionable idiots into giving them money.
Even if you don't think Jesus is God's son and all, at least accept that he was a pretty cool guy with good ideas on how to live.
by northendwhitetrash June 26, 2007
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A Christian belonging to a Christian Church that is not Catholic or Orthodox. The main beleifs of Protestants is the same as other Christians. The details and practices are where the main diferences are. They don't usually practice the Eucharist at every service. They don't generally emulate all or any saints and Mary. Female and married priest are allowed. This brach of Christianity stems mainly from reformists like Martin Luther who had issues with the faults of the Catholic Church at his time.
The average Protestant is a good Christian and person overall. There is a few radicals who portray a negative stereotype. This image is the Homophobic, racist bigot who hates eveyone not like him. Many organzations like the KKK and other white supremisist groups have used the protestant religeon to spew their anit- jew, minority, catholic hatred to innocent people.
by northendwhitetrash June 26, 2007
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A rectangular flag that represents the United States and all of its ideals and values. It is composed of a blue square with 50 (or however many states there are at the time of the flag's production) white stars in the uper lefthand corner. The rest of the flag is 13 alternating red and white stripes. Legend has it that the seamstress Betsy Ross created the first American flag.

Treatment of the flag is dictated by the Flag Code. Breaking of the flag code is not punishable (protected by the 1st Amendment).
The American flag is often scrutinized for various reasons and desecrated. The people responsible fail to realize that it is not the flag that is so importnat, it is what the flag represents. The flag is held in such esteem because some feel that their respect of the flag is a good way to show their respect for the Nation and our ideals.

TO ALL THE FLAG BURNERS ETC: The flag that you desecrate, insult, burn and defile stands for the same values that protect your right to do so(1st Amendment). Without that right (in a dictatorship) you could be executed for said actions.
by northendwhitetrash July 3, 2007
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People who go to sporting events and start fights; generally football (soccer to us Americans).

Proof Europe is not superior to America.
Euro news report: Team A beat Team B. A group of hooligans started a fights at the game. Dozens were injured, three were killed and millions of euros worth of damage were the results of the ensuing riot.

America news report: Team A beat Team B (the report ends there because the fans showed up, watched the game, some partied and the rest just went home and acted like adults).
by northendwhitetrash January 30, 2010
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Led Zeppelin was origionally started by Jimmy Page as a supergroup and continuation of the Yardbirds. Many rumors exist about the name. Some say that other musicians said the band would take off like a lead balloon, or the music was going to be heavy and light (who knows). The members were Robert Plant (vocals/harmonica), Jimmy Page (guitar etc), John Paul Jones (base ect) and John Bonham (drums/other percussion). Each member is considered to be one of the best in their feild. The band was formed in 1969 and disbanded after Bonham's death in 1979.
Led Zeppelin was and is the best band ever. Some of their notable albums include: Led Zeppelin I, Led Zeppelin II, Led Zeppelin III, the contraversial Led Zeppelin IV, Coda, Physical Graffiti, Houses of the Holy and This Song Remains the Same. Their best known song is Stairway to Heaven (I havn't been able to find any hidden satanic meanings)
by northendwhitetrash March 24, 2007
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A breakfast that your mom probobly wouldn't serve you. The average BoC (Breakfast of Champions) consists of things that do not require cooking and are consequently very popular with single men. Most BoCs are made up of any combination of the following:
Alcohol (often cheap beer)
tobacco (ussually cigarettes)
pop tarts (not toasted)
cereal-minus the milk (unless the milk is chunky)
caffine (usually coffee, Mt Dew or cola)
Some of the better BoCs may also include oral sex from (and sometimes given to)a girlfriend or one night stand.

Note: Some BoCs are cooked, but not by man enjoying the meal. The most common sources of the cooked BoC are resturaunts like the Waffle House, IHOP, Denny's and the local diner type establishment. These must include pancakes, hash browns, ketchup, biscuits and gravy, ketchup, hot sauce and/or lots of butter and grease.
My Breakfast of Champions began with a Mt Dew. Then I went to Jungle Jim's Cafe for a cooked BoC. I got a 6 biscuit order of biscuits and gravy, some hash browns, a bottle of ketchup, a shortstack of pancakes, a half pound of butter and enough Frank's Redhot to down a horse.

I had the cooked BoC because the morning before, I just had cold poptarts and some old milk.
by northendwhitetrash November 1, 2008
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