(Pronounced phonetically as "BROTCH".) "Impractical Jokers"'Joe Gatto-speak for "arm", as in "on the brach" which means "on the arm", i.e. "something that's free".
(Joe Gatto to child in grocery store: "Where did the melon go? Ya gave it to ya mom? Ya gotta say 'it's on the brach.'" free steal five finger discount stolen
by Steev Larryson November 30, 2015
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a loser who sits in his parents basment and play's wow .he leeches money from from his parents when ever he can.when ever he gets money he spends it on drugs, and prostitutes . the relationship between him and he girlfriend is questionable.
"fuck you brach"
by brach January 30, 2009
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A slang New York-Italian term for getting something without paying, or being offered something through a connection
Tony gave me a couple of cases of olive oil on the brach
by Fugazi Frank February 10, 2018
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Pertaining to or regarding Brooklyn and Zach, the romeo and juliet of our generation. They are like two peas in a pod, attracted by the force of gravity.
Oh my goddddd brach what are you doinggggg?
by zachlover69 October 29, 2021
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pronounced Br-ah-k, a noun and verb. A machine, robot-like man who will destroy anything and everything that attempts to block him from one his many epic life challenges.
When he drinks, he chugs until he brachs out, and then finds a worthy female to reveal his legendary Brachasaurus.
"dude i got totally Brached up last night!"

"I brached that girl so hard, i was a machine!"

"That guy's such a Brach, he doesn't talk. He just goes to the gym gets ripped and then drinks beer.
by petey manos December 13, 2010
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An idiot who thinks hes the sexiest thing in the world. He's actually secretly insecure about himself and when he breaks up with a girl, hands them a piece of paper explaining WHY he's doing the breaking up. then later holds a grudge against the girl who did nothing wrong that HE BROKE UP WITH IN THE FIRST PLACE. beware of a brach girls. hes nothing but a PUSSY and is extremely sensitive; which is just fucking annoying.
Brach: Alicia I love you so much my darling!
Alicia: I love you too!
Brach: What the fuck is wrong with you? You're a whore and im breaking up with you.
Alicia: Why?
Brach: Because. I'm an ass.
by elizabeth293847w9ye April 22, 2011
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